In the past, when an orchid cultivar was released without patent protection, it was considered "fair game", and anyone could reproduce it without fear of consequence. There were unwritten but understood conditions though. If you knew the breeder you always asked permission. If you were given a plant with "conditions" (e.g.,"hey, don't clone this!) you honored them. You NEVER changed the name of a plant, EVER. This was a day when to clone 5 or 10,000 plants was a big deal. Markets were driven by enthusiasts, and if a plant (e.g. Wildcat, Sharry Baby, etc) had potplant characteristics it would get "discovered" and sent to the labs for propagation, by anyone. The industry was built off the enthusiasts selections, and growers have profited, and suffered in equal measure, due to this base. To have proven selections that offer higher profits through improved characteristics the grower will have to pay, and pay each time the plant is produced, just as in every other segment of the Nursery industry. The premium paid for a superior variety is always the cheapest money a grower can spend.

If you see a variety on this website it was selected by us from seedlings that we grew, flowered and selected. If the variety warrants our publishing it in our galleries then we are producing it or have it in trials with other companies. If you are offered this plant for production purposes (e.g. wholesale young plants or flasks) by a company not listed on our website then you may be dealing with an unauthorized source. Please patronize companies who are trying to do things the "right" way, for a healthy and sustainable market that we can all profit from, and be proud to be a part of. If you are currently producing our plants, and wished to be noticed on this website as an Authorized Producer, please contact us for conditions and terms. We will gladly "link" to your website. As a grower of plants you can be assured that when you deal with an Authorized Producer you are receiving indexed stock from original source material, the highest assurance of accurate and disease free mericlones.