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Mauna Kea Orchids

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We are a research and development company, specializing in the creation of oncidiinae intergeneric hybrids for the potted orchid plant market. Selected clones are submitted for plant protection to U.S. plant patents and/or European Plant Breeders Rights. We also support the ICOGO plant breeders initiative as it develops. Our primary mission is to create new and unique protected orchid plants for trials and licensing to young plant producers. Please visit our License Program page for more information on how to license plants from us. Our current authorized license partners are listed here.
As a Research and Development company our goal is to constantly improve the oncidiinae cultivars available to commercial orchid growers. Authorized License Growers produce our plants with authorized stock. We do this to ensure the quality of the mericlone program that these growers enter into are stable and virus free material.
Founded as James McCully Orchidculture (JMO) in 1987, 2 acres Phalaenopsis and breeding stock. In 1995 The OrchidWorks (TOW) succeeded JMO as a specialist provider of young plants to the potted orchid industry. In 1999 Mauna Kea Orchids (MKO) was partitioned as the breeding and testing arm of TOW. Mauna Kea Orchids continues to be the leading breeder in the Oncidium Alliance, worldwide. Trials in Europe, Brazil, Australia, and Hawaii are constantly providing the newest advances in intergeneric varieties; brighter colors, more floriferous, longer lasting, and easier growing and blooming.